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Protecting Your Investment

Investing Protection

  1. Marsh Management and Real Estate is a professional property management & full service real estate company specializing in the leasing and management of residential and commercial property.
  2. Marsh Management and Real Estate has a comprehensive understanding of the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, the laws of agency, contract law, as well as real property law.
  3. Marsh Management and Real Estate has a team of qualified, professional agents with the dedication to maintain a happy and satisfied clientele. The majority of our owners have been clients since we opened our doors in 1989. Many of the new properties we take into management are referrals from very satisfied clients and former tenants, which is quite unique.

Minimize Your Risk

Marsh Management and Real Estate helps you minimize risks by:

  1. We carefully screen prospective tenants.
  2. We utilize a carefully drafted lease & crime-free addendum that offers maximum protection to the owner.
  3. We conduct monthly and/or quarterly inspections of the interior and exterior of the property.
  4. We require adequate security deposits.
  5. We require residents to have Renter’s Insurance.
  6. We file all necessary court/legal documents and supervise any needed appearances.

Maximize Your Profit

Marsh Management and Real Estate can do away with lengthy vacancies, undesirable tenants, delayed evictions and improper supervision by doing the following:

  1. Extensive advertising to include MLS system, our own website and several other rental publication websites.
  2. Professional signage & representation.
  3. We offer complete client protection to Broker referrals.
  4. 24 hour phone coverage, 7 days a week.
  5. Careful screening of prospective tenants, including criminal background check when possible.
  6. A thorough rental application is completed by the prospective tenant and verified by Marsh Management and Real Estate. Emphasis is placed on previous rental history, employment stability and if a person can afford the property he desires and a criminal background check.
  7. A credit check is completed on all prospective tenants.
  8. A comprehensive inspection is completed with new tenants upon move-in, at least every 4 months as needed and a move-out inspection is completed when tenants vacate.
  9. The Marsh Management and Real Estate lease offers maximum protection to the owner. Stiff penalties are built into the lease for late rent, or inadequate property and landscaping maintenance. No personal checks are accepted.
  10. There is a firm eviction policy for tenants who do not live up to their responsibilities.
  11. Tenants are made aware that certain repair costs will be their responsibility.

Landlord-Tenant Relationship

The main issue that evolves when an owner manages their own investment property is that what should be a business relationship between a landlord and a tenant, can quickly turn into a relationship that becomes personalized, making it very difficult for the landlord to enforce the lease provisions.

Tenants view the professional property manager as a business person. When enforcing lease provisions, they are less likely to become offended or hostile because they understand it is a business relationship only.

Frequent Updates

Marsh Management and Real Estate believes in frequent communication with the owner. A monthly statement reflecting all cash receipts and disbursements will be forwarded to each owner. Marsh Management and Real Estate will deposit checks into your bank account, make mortgage payments, make HOA payments, etc.

If the owner so desires, a call will be made before any repairs are ordered/completed. Marsh Management and Real Estate has a complete list of very professional vendors.